Orchard & Gardens

A sheltered little valley is home to Yiimtii’s well, orchard and gardens. The fruit trees that live here include: oranges, limes, mandarines, grapefruit, chicozapotes, chocolate pudding tree (black zapote), six varieties of mangoes, seven varieties of papayas, coconuts, soursop, mamey, cacao, avocados, jackfruit, longan, guaya, lychee, guavas, macadamia, dates, grapes, passionfruit, carob, surinam cherry, arrayan, mulberry, yellow zapote, etc.

Garden staples include: giant amaranth leaf, tomatoes, jicama, purple habaneros, cucumbers, yucca, purple and orange corn, sweet potatoes, squash, pigeon pea, chepil, etc.