The founders of Yiimtii, Naim Sultan (lebanese-american) and Marytere Farell (mexican) have been living here since 2001.

Upon finding the land we felt very grateful for the opportunity to be guardians of such a magical coastal forest. We both share the same love for nature, the pleasure of being lost for weeks camping in ancient forests, the same dream of living far away from “civilization”.

Our first years we walked from the highway, along the riverbed to Zapotengo, and then up to Yiimtii. The community of Zapotengo was part of our dream come true. A village where no one had a car, and the people were friendly and hospitable. They adopted us and made us feel at home.

For years we worked five months in the US and returned to Yiimtii the rest of the year. We lived for four years in a rustic camp that evolved over time. Naim dug the well and planted fruit trees while Marytere built our tiny shelter. We walked to the highway to get to the Pochutla market and return with our backpacks heavy with fruits and vegetables that we ate as they ripened since we had no refrigeration. We read with our headlamps and it was a couple of years before we evolved to a gas lantern.

We finally began construction on our house and rustic life ended once we had the luxury of a bed and a gas stove.

We started receiving retreats in 2006. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many life changing experiences in Yiimtii. That has inspired us to keep sharing this magical land with many people and has helped define our mission as an Ecological Education and Sustainability Center.