Yiimtii is sacred land. Where green mountains meet the deep blue ocean. Pristine beaches are caressed by turquoise waters where dolphins and whales swim and eagle rays leap out toward the sky in giant splashes. Eagles, ospreys, and hawks soar high above the forest and their songs bless this land with its name, Yiimtii, Eagle Mountain, in Zapoteco, the ancestral language of these mountains, the Sierra Madre del Sur.

The melody of forest and crashing waves produce a peaceful vibration that is amplified by the songs and birds and insects, making Yiimtii an ideal place for deep communion with Nature and one’s own spirit.

The dirt road ends as you enter Yiimtii and our network of trails invites you to explore the forest and secluded beaches as you breathe in the ocean breeze.

A beautiful trail through the forest leads to our inner valley, the Well, and our organic gardens and orchard with 40 varieties of fruit to feed your body and spirit.

Yiimtii nights are alive with a symphony of insects, frogs, owls, and intoxicating flower scents.

Yiimtii is a seed that has sprouted in our hearts. Yiimtii overwhelms us with beauty and wonder every day as she feeds us and weaves our lives into her magic, convincing us that humans can and must live in utmost harmony with our Mother Planet.
Please join us and let Yiimtii bless you.