Our forest is known as Dry Tropical Deciduous Forest. On a planetary level this type of forest is the most devastated by deforestation, much more so than the tropical rainforests. Moreover, dry tropical forests have been little studied and host a huge number of endemic species.

Our local forest is rich in tropical hardwoods such as ocotillo, ocotin, ebano, palo de arco, and the famous lignum vitae, known as guayacan real, to name but a few.

The reserve is home to tropical deer, coatis, kinkajous, anteaters, raccoons, armadillos, miniature tropical skunks, opossums, coyotes, ocelots, onzas (a wild cat), iguanas, etc…

The forest is blessed with a multitude of spectacular bird, including Trogons, motmots, chachalacas, parakeets, parrots, woodpeckers, giant frigate birds, etc…