The reality of starting an Ecological Reserve was inspired from our deep love of nature. Yiimtii was born as a family project in search of sharing this magical landscape and awaken consciousness towards a more sustainable way of life.

We feel that the modern life scheme that is being promoted globally is infinitely dependent on the salvaging of the planet and we believe that all of the socially accepted concepts of civilization separate us from feeling the real and permanent magical life of nature. Therefore, our spirit spark is sicken and sadden at a deep level. In our personal experience, the farther away we have been from the civilized world, the healthier, the more alive, the happier, clearer and connected to the Source we have conceived ourselves.

Our vision directs us to practice a humble and simple way of life, in harmony with nature and human beings… promoting and practicing sustainable ways of life such as fair trade principles, organic agriculture and appropriate technologies in search for the opportunity to contribute constructively towards life instead of destructively.

Hoping that our visitors can feel at peace and harmony, physically and spiritually fed by Mother Earth, we offer lodging in a private and exclusive Bamboo house that was conceived as an experiment of an ecological refuge, using the most renewable and natural materials and built almost entirely by our own hands.

We include also the concept of agritourism by integrating the guided tour to our organic garden and orchard with 40 different fruit varieties and the consumption of our seasonal harvests.

By coming to visit:

  • You support the maintenance of our Ecological Reserve
  • You share and participate in the ecological systems of the project
  • You have the opportunity of taking a retreat in a remote tropical forest, enjoying pristine beaches, walks in nature and healthy food.

It is important to come willing to plunge in a wild experience!!! So you can open to the opportunity of feeling in deep contact and harmony with nature, energizing your spirit and healing your body